Latest Earthquakes Near Uacu Cungo, Cuanza Sul in ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡ด Angola

Latest Earthquakes Near Uacu Cungo, Cuanza Sul in Angola

An overview of the latest earthquakes near Uacu Cungo, Cuanza Sul in Angola. Each earthquake event is recorded as they happend updated every minute, the first event ever recorded was in 1950.

Earthquakes are recorded and updated every minute.
(Currently displaying 3 out of 3 in total)
Time Epicenter Magnitude Depth
9 years ago
On 2014-11-10 01:28:55
-12.4524, 14.7572
127 km (79 mi) โ†“ S of Uacu Cungo
M 4.1
15 km
10 years ago
On 2013-11-19 00:15:21
-11.794, 14.691
67 km (41 mi) โ†“ S of Uacu Cungo
M 4.2
15.06 km
34 years ago
On 1989-06-05 16:23:40
-12.002, 14.563
93 km (58 mi) โ†“ S of Uacu Cungo
M 5.1
10 km

Uacu Cungo Earthquake Statistics

Since the 1950's Uacu Cungo has experiences a total of 3 earthquakes, within a 150 km radius of the center of the city.

Earthquakes per Year in Uacu Cungo 1950-2024

Annual earthquakes counts for Uacu Cungo was last updated at 2024-02-09 23:00:16.

Earthquake Magnitude Distribution

Magnitude Earthquakes Percentage
M 4 2 66.67%
M 5 1 33.33%

Magnitude distribution for Uacu Cungo was last updated at 2024-04-19 20:00:19.

To conserve energy and maximize resource utilization, we calculate historical earthquake statistics in batches. This is done sporadically when sufficient resources are available to the system. Thus, annual earthquakes count and magnitude distribution for various locations on earth, may lag behind in certain instances. Most commonly it's a matter of hours, sometimes days, or even up to a few weeks.

Common Questions

When was the last earthquake in Uacu Cungo, Cuanza Sul, Angola?

The last earthquake in Uacu Cungo was 9 years ago and struck 127 km (79 mi) โ†“ S of the city. The earthquake had a magnitude 4.10 on the richter scale and a depth of 15.0 km.

What was the strongest earthquake near Uacu Cungo, Cuanza Sul, Angola?

The strongest earthquake recorded near Uacu Cungo was a 5.10 magnitude earthquake with a depth of 10.0 kilometers. It struck 93 km (58 mi) โ†“ S of the city, 34 years ago.

How often do earthquakes occur near Uacu Cungo, Cuanza Sul, Angola?

In 2024, Uacu Cungo has experienced 0 earthquakes with a magnitude of 0.1 or higher on the Richter scale. That's lower than the annual average of 0.04 earthquakes in the region. Based on historic earthquake data, which dates back to 1950, we can asume that Uacu Cungo is struck by an earthquake every 0.00 months.

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We aggregate and combine data from USGS (United States Geographical Survey) and the EMSC (European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre). This allow us to get near real-time and historical earthquake data dating back to the year 1950.


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