Baie-des-Sables Power Plant (Wind)

The Baie-des-Sables plant is a Wind power plant located in ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ Canada. Baie-des-Sables has a peak capacity of 109.5 MW which is generated by Wind. The current owner and operator of the Baie-des-Sables facility is TransCanada Wind (72%) / Innergex Inc (38%).

Generated Gigawatt Hours (2013-2019)

The data for generated gigawatt hours between 2013-2019 is incomplete.

Estimated Generated Gigawatt Hours (2013-2019)

Esitmated numbers might be available if no offical reccords has been released, or if they were added to the database before official numbers was recorded.

Other Wind Power Plants in Canada

Name Capacity (MW Type Other Fuel Owner
Adelaide 59.9 MW Wind Kerwood Wind LP
Adelaide (Suncor) 40.0 MW Wind Suncor Adelaide Wind LP
Aeolus 3.0 MW Wind PEI Energy Corp
Amherst Community Wind Farm 6.0 MW Wind Natural Forces
Amherst I 31.5 MW Wind
Ardenville 69.0 MW Wind TransAlta
Armow 180.0 MW Wind Sp Armow Wind Ontario LP
Arthur 10.0 MW Wind Arthur Wind Farm Ltd Partnership
Auld's Mountain 4.6 MW Wind
Avondale Community Wind Park 1.6 MW Wind Northumberland Wind Field Inc
Baddeck Community Wind Project 1.7 MW Wind Scotian Wind Fields
Barrachois 4.0 MW Wind
Barrington (Watts Wind II) 3.2 MW Wind
Bateston Wind Project 2.3 MW Wind Celtic Current LP
Bear Mountain 102.0 MW Wind Bear Mountain Wind LP
Bisnett Line 9.0 MW Wind Gengrowth
Black Pond 2.0 MW Wind
Blackspring Ridge 298.8 MW Wind EDF/Enbridge
Blue Trail 66.0 MW Wind TransAlta
Bluewater 59.2 MW Wind Varna Wind LP
Bornish 72.9 MW Wind Bornish Wind LP
Bow Lake 58.3 MW Wind Nodin Kitagan LP
Box Springs 6.0 MW Wind
Brenton Community Wind Project 2.0 MW Wind Scotian Wind Fields
Bull Creek 29.2 MW Wind Bluearth Renewables
Cape Scott 99.0 MW Wind Gdf Suez Canada (40%) / Mitsui (30%) / Fiera Axium (30%)
Caribou 99.0 MW Wind
Carleton 109.5 MW Wind Innergex Inc (38%)
Castle River 39.5 MW Wind Vision Quest (TransAlta)
Castle Rock Ridge 75.9 MW Wind Enel
Cedar Point 100.0 MW Wind Cedar Point II LP
Centennial 149.4 MW Wind Saskatchewan Power Corp
Chatham 101.2 MW Wind Kruger Energy Chatham LP
Chebucto Pockwock 10.0 MW Wind
Chin Chute 30.0 MW Wind Suncor / EHN/ Enbridge
Clear Creek 9.9 MW Wind
Comber East / West 165.6 MW Wind 2016 Comber Wind LP
Conestogo 22.9 MW Wind Conestogo Wind LP
Cowley North 19.5 MW Wind Canadian Hydro Developers
Creignishrear 2.0 MW Wind
Cruickshank 8.3 MW Wind
Cultus 9.9 MW Wind
Cypress 10.5 MW Wind Saskatchewan Power Corp
Cรดte-de-Beauprรฉ 23.5 MW Wind Boralex
Dalhousie Mountain 51.0 MW Wind
De l'ร‰rable 100.0 MW Wind Elecnor
Des Moulins I 135.7 MW Wind Invenergy Wind Canada
Des Moulins II 21.2 MW Wind Invenergy Wind Canada
Diavik Mine 9.2 MW Wind Diavik Diamond Mines Inc
Digby 30.8 MW Wind
Dokie 144.0 MW Wind Alterra Power Corp (51%) / GE Energy Financial Services (
East Durham 22.4 MW Wind East Durham Wind LP
East Lake St. Clair 99.0 MW Wind East Lake St. Clair Wind LP
Eastern Kings 30.0 MW Wind PEI Energy Corp
Ellershouse Wind Farm 16.4 MW Wind Alternative Resource Energy Authority
Erie Shores 99.0 MW Wind Erie Shores Wind Farm LP
Erieau 99.0 MW Wind Erieau Wind LP
Ernestown 10.0 MW Wind Ernestown Windpark LP
Fairmont 4.6 MW Wind
Fermeuse 27.0 MW Wind
Ferndale 5.1 MW Wind
Fitzpatrick Mountain 1.6 MW Wind
Frampton 24.0 MW Wind
Frogmore 9.9 MW Wind
Front Line 9.0 MW Wind Gengrowth
Gaetz Brook 2.3 MW Wind
Ganaraska 17.6 MW Wind Ganaraska Wind Development Joint Venture
Gardiner Mines (Cape Breton University) 5.4 MW Wind Gardner Mines Wind Farm LP
Gesner 10.0 MW Wind
Ghost Pine 81.6 MW Wind Finavera
Glace Bay / Donkin 1.6 MW Wind
Glen Dhu 62.1 MW Wind
Gosfield 50.6 MW Wind Gosfield Wind LP
Goshen 102.4 MW Wind Goshen Wind LP
Goulais 25.3 MW Wind Chi-Wiikwedong LP
Gracey 10.0 MW Wind
Grand Bend 99.3 MW Wind Grand Bend Wind LP
Grand Renewable Energy Park 149.0 MW Wind Grand Renewable Wind LP
Grand Valley I / II 19.8 MW Wind Grand Valley 1 LP
Grand Valley III 40.1 MW Wind Grand Valley 2 LP
Greenfield 3.2 MW Wind
Greenwich 98.9 MW Wind Greenwich Wind Farm LP
Grey Highlands 18.5 MW Wind Grey Highlands Clean Energy Development LP
Grey Highlands Zero Emission People (Zep) 10.0 MW Wind Capstone Infrastructure Corp 50%
Gros Morne I 100.5 MW Wind Innergex Inc (38%) / TransCanada (42%)
Gros-Morne II 111.0 MW Wind Innergex Inc (38%) / TransCanada (42%)
Gunn's Hill 18.0 MW Wind Gunn's Hill LP
HAF Energy 9.0 MW Wind Vineland Power Inc
Halkirk 149.4 MW Wind Capital Power
Hardwood Lands Community Wind Project 6.0 MW Wind WEB Windenergie AG
Harrow 39.6 MW Wind
Hermanville / Clearspring 30.0 MW Wind PEI Energy Corp
Higgins Mountain 3.6 MW Wind
Hillside Boularderie 4.0 MW Wind
Huron 9.0 MW Wind
Irish Mountain 2.0 MW Wind
Isle Madame 2.0 MW Wind
Jardin d'ร‰ole 133.3 MW Wind Northland Power Inc
Jericho 149.0 MW Wind Jericho Wind LP
K2 Wind 270.0 MW Wind K2 Wind Ontario LP
Kaizer Meadow 2.0 MW Wind
Kemptown 5.0 MW Wind
Kent Breeze 20.0 MW Wind TransAlta (100%)
Kent Hills 1 / 2 150.0 MW Wind TransAlta (83%)
Ketch Harbour Wind Power Project 4.6 MW Wind Watts Wind
Kettles Hill 63.0 MW Wind Kettles Hill Wind Energy
Kingsbridge 1 39.6 MW Wind Cp Renewable Energy (Kingsbridge) LP
L'Anse-ร -Valleau 100.5 MW Wind Cartier Wind Energy
La Mitis 24.6 MW Wind EDF Energies Nouvelles (70%) / Energie Renouvelable de La Mitis (30%)
Lac-Alfred 300.0 MW Wind Enbridge (67.5%) / EDF Energies Nouvelles (20%) / Mrc of La Mitis & Matapedia (12.5%)
Lameque 45.0 MW Wind
Le Granit 24.6 MW Wind EDF Energies Nouvelles (70%) / Energie du Granit (30%)
Le Nordais (Phase 1 - Cap Chat) 56.3 MW Wind Transalta
Le Nordais 2 (Matane) 42.8 MW Wind TransAlta (100%)
Le Plateau 1 138.6 MW Wind
Le Plateau 2 21.2 MW Wind Invenergy Wind Canada & Regie Intermunicipale de L'energie Gaspesie-Iles-de-la-Madeleine
Limerock 5.0 MW Wind
Little River Harbour 2.0 MW Wind
MacLeod Flats 3.0 MW Wind Vision Quest (TransAlta)
Magrath 30.0 MW Wind Suncor / EHN/ Enbridge
Martock Ridge 6.0 MW Wind
Maryvale 6.0 MW Wind
Massif du Sud 150.0 MW Wind Enbridge (80%) / EDF Energies Nouvelles (20%)
McBride Lake 75.2 MW Wind Vision Quest (TransAlta)
McLean's Mountain 60.0 MW Wind McLean's Mountain Wind LP
Meikle Wind 185.0 MW Wind
Melancthon I 67.5 MW Wind Melancthon Wolfe Wind LP
Melancthon II 132.0 MW Wind Melancthon Wolfe Wind LP
Mesgi'g Ugju's'n 149.3 MW Wind Innergex Inc (50%) / Miโ€™gmawei Mawiomi Business Corp (50%)
Millbrook 6.0 MW Wind Millbrook Community Wind Inc
Mohawk Point 9.9 MW Wind
Mont Copper 54.0 MW Wind NextEra Energy
Mont Miller 54.0 MW Wind NextEra Energy
Mont Rothery 74.0 MW Wind EDF Energies Nouvelles 50%
Mont-Louis 100.5 MW Wind Northland Power
Montagne-Sรจche 58.5 MW Wind Innergex Inc (38%) / TransCanada (42%)
Montรฉrรฉgie 101.2 MW Wind
Morse 23.0 MW Wind Algonquin Power
Mother Earth I 4.0 MW Wind Mere General Partner Inc
Napier Wind 4.1 MW Wind WPD Napier Wind Inc
Naylor 10.0 MW Wind
New Glasgow (Watts Wind II) 6.4 MW Wind
New Richmond 67.8 MW Wind TransAlta (100%)
Nine Mile River 4.0 MW Wind
North Beaverbank 8.0 MW Wind
North Cape 10.6 MW Wind PEI Energy Corp
North Maiden 10.0 MW Wind
Norway 9.0 MW Wind Suez Renewable Energy
Nuttby Mountain 50.6 MW Wind
OPG 7 Gomberg 1.8 MW Wind
Old Man 2 46.0 MW Wind Mainstream
Old Man River 3.6 MW Wind
Optimist 1.0 MW Wind
Oxley 6.0 MW Wind Henry Verhoeven
Parker Mountain 2.0 MW Wind
Pennask 15.0 MW Wind Zero Emissions Pennask
Pierre-De Saurel 24.6 MW Wind Pierre-De Saurel MCR
Plateau I / II 18.0 MW Wind Plateau Wind LP
Plateau III 9.0 MW Wind Plateau Wind LP
Point Aconi Wind Project 1.9 MW Wind Celtic Current
Point Tupper 23.4 MW Wind
Pointes aux Roches 48.6 MW Wind Pointe-aux-Roches Wind LP
Port Alma 101.2 MW Wind Kruger Energy Port Alma LP
Port Dover / Nanticoke 104.4 MW Wind Capital Power (PDN) LP
Port Ryerse 10.0 MW Wind Boralex
Porters Lake Wind Power Project 3.2 MW Wind Watts Wind
Prince 189.0 MW Wind Brookfield Power Wind Prince LP
Proof Line 6.6 MW Wind
Providence Bay 1.6 MW Wind Schneider Power Providence Bay Inc
Pubnico Point 1 / 2 30.6 MW Wind
Quality Wind 142.2 MW Wind Capital Power
Quixote 2.3 MW Wind Quixote One Wind Energy Corp
Raglan Mine 3.0 MW Wind Glencore
Raleigh 78.0 MW Wind Terraform Iwg Ontario Holdings LLC
Ravenswood 9.9 MW Wind
Red Lily 26.4 MW Wind Algonquin Power
Richardson 10.0 MW Wind
Ripley 76.0 MW Wind Suncor Energy Products Inc & Acciona Wind Energy Canada Inc
Riviรจre du Moulin 1 150.0 MW Wind EDF Energies Nouvelles
Riviรจre du Moulin 2 200.0 MW Wind EDF Energies Nouvelles
Roncevaux 74.8 MW Wind Invenergy Wind LLC
Sable 13.8 MW Wind Municipality of the District of Guysborough
Saint Rose 2.0 MW Wind
Saint-Damase 23.5 MW Wind Algonquin Power
Saint-Philรฉmon 24.0 MW Wind Capstone (51%)
Saint-Robert-Bellarmin 80.0 MW Wind Enbridge (50%) / EDF Energies Nouvelles (20%) / Fiera Axium & Rรฉgime & Desjardins (30%)
Seigneurie de Beauprรฉ 2 131.2 MW Wind Boralex Inc / Gazmetro
Seigneurie de Beauprรฉ 3 140.6 MW Wind Boralex Inc / Gazmetro
Seigneurie de Beauprรฉ 4 67.9 MW Wind Boralex Inc / Gazmetro
Settlers Landing 8.0 MW Wind Settlers Landing Wind Development Joint Venture
Shinish Creek Wind Farm 15.0 MW Wind
Sinnott 6.5 MW Wind Canadian Hydro Developers
Site Nordique 4.1 MW Wind Technocentre Eolien
Skyway 8 9.5 MW Wind Capstone Infrastructure Corp
Snowy Ridge 10.0 MW Wind Snowy Ridge Wind Development Joint Venture
Soderglen 70.5 MW Wind Gw Power/Nexen (Advertized as 70 Mw - Keep An Eye On This)
South Branch 30.0 MW Wind South Dundas Windfarm LP
South Canoe 102.0 MW Wind
South Cape Mabou 2.0 MW Wind
South Kent 270.0 MW Wind South Kent Wind LP
South Side 10.0 MW Wind Gengrowth LP1
Springhill 1.2 MW Wind
Springwood 8.2 MW Wind WPD Springwood Wind Inc
St. Columban 33.0 MW Wind St. Columban Energy LP
St. Joseph 138.0 MW Wind Pattern Energy
St. Lawrence 27.0 MW Wind
St. Lรฉon 1 / 2 120.5 MW Wind Algonquin Power
Summerhaven 124.4 MW Wind Summerhaven Wind LP
Summerside 12.0 MW Wind City of Summerside Electric Utility
Summerview 1 70.2 MW Wind Vision Quest (TransAlta)
Summerview 2 66.0 MW Wind TransAlta
Sunbridge 11.2 MW Wind Suncor Enrgy Inc / Enbridge Inc
Swanton Line 10.0 MW Wind
Taber 85.1 MW Wind Enmax Green Power Inc
Talbot 98.9 MW Wind Talbot Windfarm LP
Thames River I 40.0 MW Wind
The Eye of the Wind 1.5 MW Wind
Truro Heights 4.0 MW Wind Truro Heights Community Wind Inc
Tรฉmiscouata 1 23.5 MW Wind Boralex
Tรฉmiscouata 2 51.7 MW Wind Boralex
Underwood 181.5 MW Wind Enbridge Renewable Energy Infrastructure LP
Vents du Kempt 101.1 MW Wind Le Club ร‰olectric (51%)
Viger-Denonville 24.6 MW Wind Innergex Inc (50%) / RCM of Riviรจre-du-Loup
Wainfleet 9.0 MW Wind Wainfleet Wind Energy Inc
Walton Community Wind Project 2.0 MW Wind Scotian Wind Fields
Waterton Wind 3.9 MW Wind Vision Quest (TransAlta)
Watts Wind 1.5 MW Wind
Wedgeport (Watts Wind II) 1.6 MW Wind
Weican R/D 10.0 MW Wind Weican
West Cape 1 19.8 MW Wind Suez Renewable Energy
West Cape 2 79.2 MW Wind Suez Renewable Energy
West Lincoln Niagara Region Wind Farm 230.0 MW Wind
Whittington 6.2 MW Wind WPD Whittington Wind Inc
Whynotts 4.0 MW Wind
Wintering Hills 88.0 MW Wind Suncor / Teck
Wolfe Island 197.8 MW Wind Melancthon Wolfe Wind LP
Zephyr 10.0 MW Wind

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