Becker Cogeneration Power Plant (Biomass)

The Becker Cogeneration plant is a Biomass power plant located in ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ Canada. Becker Cogeneration has a peak capacity of 15.0 MW which is generated by Biomass. The current owner and operator of the Becker Cogeneration facility is 1721027 Ontario Inc O/A Becker Cogeneration Plant.

Generated Gigawatt Hours (2013-2019)

The data for generated gigawatt hours between 2013-2019 is incomplete.

Estimated Generated Gigawatt Hours (2013-2019)

Esitmated numbers might be available if no offical reccords has been released, or if they were added to the database before official numbers was recorded.

Other Biomass Power Plants in Canada

Name Capacity (MW Type Other Fuel Owner
AlPac Boyle 125.0 MW Biomass APF Athabasca
Annacis Island Wwtp 3.2 MW Biomass
Armstrong Cogeneration 20.0 MW Biomass Tolko BC
Atholville 21.0 MW Biomass
Atikokan-G1 215.0 MW Biomass Ontario Power Generation Inc
Beare Road LFG 5.0 MW Biomass E. S. Fox Ltd
Bensfort Road LFG 1.6 MW Biomass Lfg Power Corp
Brampton Biomass 15.1 MW Biomass
Britannia LFG 5.5 MW Biomass Region of Peel
Brompton Biomass Cogeneration 26.0 MW Biomass Kruger Energy
Brooklyn Energy Centre 30.0 MW Biomass
Burns Bog LFG 8.0 MW Biomass VF Clean Energy
Bรฉarn Sawmill 7.0 MW Biomass
Cache Creek LFG 5.0 MW Biomass
Calstock 38.0 MW Biomass Atlantic Power Corp
Cariboo Pulp & Paper Company 61.0 MW Biomass Daishowa-Marubeni International Ltd (Dmi) & West Fraser Mills Ltd (50/50)
Catalyst Paper Crofton 38.0 MW Biomass
Catalyst Paper Port Alberni 17.0 MW Biomass
Cedar Road LFG 1.4 MW Biomass Cedar Road LFG Inc
Chapais 28.0 MW Biomass
Chapleau Cogeneration 7.2 MW Biomass Tembec Inc
Chetwynd 12.0 MW Biomass
Clover Bar LFG 4.8 MW Biomass Capital Power
Corner Brook Cogeneration 15.3 MW Biomass Kruger
District Heating 1.2 MW Biomass Fort Chicago Energy Partners of Calgary
Dolbeau 26.5 MW Biomass
Domtar - Windsor 30.0 MW Biomass Domtar Inc
Domtar Pulp Mill (Kamloops) 76.0 MW Biomass Domtar Inc
East LFG 1.0 MW Biomass St. Catharines Hydro Generation Inc / Glenridge Gas Utilization Inc
Eastview LFG 1.7 MW Biomass Envida Community Energy Inc
Espanola Mill 25.0 MW Biomass
Fraser Lake Biomass 12.0 MW Biomass West Fraser Mills Ltd
Fraser Richmond Soil & Fiber 1.0 MW Biomass Harvest
Gatineau (Bowater) 15.0 MW Biomass
Gold River 90.0 MW Biomass Green Island Energy
Golden 8.0 MW Biomass Louisiana-Pacific Canada Engineered Wood Products Ltd
Grande Prairie EcoPower 25.0 MW Biomass Canadian Gas and Electric
Grimsby Bioreactor 1.0 MW Biomass Grimsby Energy Inc
Hamilton (Digester Gas) Cogenertion 1.6 MW Biomass Hamilton Renewable Power Inc
Harmac 55.0 MW Biomass Nanaimo Forest Products Ltd
Hartland LFG 2.0 MW Biomass Capital Regional District
Haute-Yamaska-Roland Thibault Cogeneration 3.0 MW Biomass
Hinton Pulp 52.0 MW Biomass
Howe Sound Pulp & Paper Corp 112.0 MW Biomass
Humber Treatment Plant 4.7 MW Biomass
Hwy 101 Landfill 2.0 MW Biomass
Index Energy Mills Road Corp 17.8 MW Biomass Index Energy Mills Road Corp
Intercon Pulp Mill 32.0 MW Biomass
Iona Island Wwtp LFG 4.0 MW Biomass
Kruger Products Paper Mill 14.0 MW Biomass
Lachenaie Landfill 4.0 MW Biomass
Lachute LFG 10.0 MW Biomass Lidya Energy
Lafleche LFG 4.2 MW Biomass Moose Creek Energy LP
Lethbridge 4.0 MW Biomass ECB Enviro
Liberty Energy Centre 11.4 MW Biomass
Longlac Biomass Cogeneration 25.0 MW Biomass
MacKenzie Conifex Green Energy 36.0 MW Biomass Conifex Power Inc
Marathon Pulp Inc 15.5 MW Biomass
Merrick Landfill 1.6 MW Biomass North Bay Hydro Services Inc
Miramichi 42.0 MW Biomass
Nechako Lumber 1.8 MW Biomass Nechako Lumber Co. Ltd
Northern Pulp Nova Scotia Pictou Mill 26.0 MW Biomass
Northwood Green Power 63.0 MW Biomass
Peace River Pulp 30.0 MW Biomass Daishowa-Marubeni
Port Alice 26.1 MW Biomass Neucel
Port Hawkesbury 60.0 MW Biomass Nova Scotia Power Inc
Powell River 48.0 MW Biomass
Prince George Pulp and Paper Mill 60.0 MW Biomass Canadian Forest Products Ltd
Revelstoke District 1.5 MW Biomass City of Revelstoke
Robert O. Pickard 2.4 MW Biomass
Saint John 29.7 MW Biomass
Saint-Fรฉlicien (Fibrek) 42.7 MW Biomass PF Rรฉsolu Canada Inc
Saint-Nicรฉphore LFG 7.6 MW Biomass
Sarnia LFG 1.6 MW Biomass
Saskatoon Landfill 1.6 MW Biomass Saskatoon Light & Power
Seegen 2 (Burnaby Incinerator) 25.0 MW Biomass
Senneterre 35.0 MW Biomass Boralex Inc
Skookumchuk 51.0 MW Biomass
Slave Lake 9.0 MW Biomass Slave Lake Pulp
Soave Hydroponics 12.0 MW Biomass
Sociรฉtรฉ de Cogรฉnรฉration Saint-Fรฉlicien 21.0 MW Biomass Green Leaf
St-Thomas 9.4 MW Biomass
Stanton Dairy Farm 1.3 MW Biomass Stanton Dairy Farm
Sudbury LFG 1.6 MW Biomass Greater Sudbury Utilities
Taylor Lumber 1.2 MW Biomass
Tembec Kapuskasing 15.0 MW Biomass
Tembec Tรฉmiscaming 1-2 58.1 MW Biomass Tembec Inc
Terrace Bay 20.0 MW Biomass
The Pas Mill 22.8 MW Biomass
Thunder Bay Condensing Turbine 62.4 MW Biomass Resolute FP Canada Inc
Thunderbay G3 135.0 MW Biomass Ontario Power Generation Inc
Thurso 1-2 24.0 MW Biomass
Tolko Kelowna Cogeneration 15.0 MW Biomass Tolko Industries Ltd
Trail Road LFG 6.0 MW Biomass Powertrail Inc
Twin Rivers 39.0 MW Biomass
UBC Nexterra Bioenergy Research and Demonstration Facility 2.0 MW Biomass
UNBC Bioenergy Plant 4.4 MW Biomass University of Northern British Columbia
Valley Power 12.0 MW Biomass Algonquin Power
Vanderwell Contractors (1971) 4.0 MW Biomass Vanderwell Contractors (1971)
Vegreville Biodigester 1.0 MW Biomass Highmark Renewables
Waterloo LFG 4.6 MW Biomass
West Lorne Biooil Cogeneration 3.0 MW Biomass
Westlock (Dapp) 17.0 MW Biomass Drayton Valley Power (SPRD Program)
Weyerhaeuser Grande Prairie 48.0 MW Biomass Weyerhaeuser
White River 7.5 MW Biomass
Whitecourt 25.0 MW Biomass Whitecourt Power Partnership
Williams Lake 68.0 MW Biomass Atlantic Power Corp
Wm Ottawa Landfill 6.4 MW Biomass Waste Management of Canada Corp
Woolwich Bio-En 2.9 MW Biomass Woolwich Bio-En Inc
Zellstoff Celgar Mill 78.0 MW Biomass Mercer International Group

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