Fontes I+II Power Plant (Solar)

The Fontes I+II plant is a Solar power plant located in ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ท Brazil. Fontes I+II has a peak capacity of 10.0 MW which is generated by Solar.

Generated Gigawatt Hours (2013-2019)

The data for generated gigawatt hours between 2013-2019 is incomplete.

Estimated Generated Gigawatt Hours (2013-2019)

Esitmated numbers might be available if no offical reccords has been released, or if they were added to the database before official numbers was recorded.

Other Solar Power Plants in Brazil

Name Capacity (MW Type Other Fuel Owner
Apodi 120.0 MW Solar
Assu V 30.0 MW Solar
BJL ENEL 158.0 MW Solar
Central Mineirรฃo 1.4184 MW Solar
Guaimbe 150.0 MW Solar
Guimarania 1 30.0 MW Solar
Guimarania 2 30.0 MW Solar
Horizonte 80.0 MW Solar
Ituverava 210.0 MW Solar
Nova Olinda 210.0 MW Solar
Paracatu 120.0 MW Solar
Pirapora I 150.0 MW Solar
Pirapora II 115.0 MW Solar
Pirapora III 72.0 MW Solar
Sertรฃo 1 30.0 MW Solar
Sobral 1 30.0 MW Solar
Tacaimbo 91.0 MW Solar
Tanquinho 1.082 MW Solar
Tauรก 1.0 MW Solar
Vazante 90.0 MW Solar
Verde Vale III 15.1 MW Solar

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