Narrogin Bioenergy Plant Power Plant (Biomass)

The Narrogin Bioenergy Plant plant is a Biomass power plant located in 🇦🇺 Australia. Narrogin Bioenergy Plant has a peak capacity of 1.0 MW which is generated by Biomass. The current owner and operator of the Narrogin Bioenergy Plant facility is Verve Energy Western Power Oil Mallee Co Enecon Pty Ltd.

Generated Gigawatt Hours (2013-2019)

The data for generated gigawatt hours between 2013-2019 is incomplete.

Estimated Generated Gigawatt Hours (2013-2019)

Esitmated numbers might be available if no offical reccords has been released, or if they were added to the database before official numbers was recorded.

Other Biomass Power Plants in Australia

Name Capacity (MW Type Other Fuel Owner
Broadwater 38.0 MW Biomass NSW Sugar Milling
Condong Sugar Mill 30.0 MW Biomass Delta Electricity
Inkerman Sugar Mill 10.5 MW Biomass CSR
Invicta Sugar Mill 150.0 MW Biomass CSR
Isis Central Sugar Mill 25.0 MW Biomass AGL Energy Pty Ltd
Kalamia Sugar Mill 9.0 MW Biomass Sucrogen (Kalamia) Pty Ltd
Macknade Sugar Mill 8.0 MW Biomass Sucrogen (Herbert) Pty Ltd
Maryborough 7.5 MW Biomass MSF Sugar
Maryvale Mill 54.5 MW Biomass Australian Paper
Mt Gambier 10.0 MW Biomass Carter Holt Harvey Wood Products Australia Pty Limited
Mulgrave 13.0 MW Biomass MSF Sugar
Pioneer Sugar Mill 67.8 MW Biomass CSR
Plane Creek Sugar Mill 14.0 MW Biomass Sucrogen (Plane Creek Mill) Pty Ltd
Proserpine Sugar Mill 17.0 MW Biomass Sucrogen
Racecourse Mill 3.5 MW Biomass Mackay Sugar Limited
Rocky Point Sugar Sugar Mill 30.0 MW Biomass Stanwell Corporation Ltd
South Johnstone 20.0 MW Biomass MSF Sugar
Stapylton Green Energy 4.8 MW Biomass Stapylton Green Energy
Suncoast Gold Macadamia 1.5 MW Biomass AGL Energy Pty Ltd
Tableland 7.0 MW Biomass MSF Sugar
Tully Sugar Mill 21.4 MW Biomass COFCO
Victoria Sugar Mill 24.0 MW Biomass Sucrogen Pty Ltd
Visy Paper Gibson Island 2.0 MW Biomass Visy Pulp and Paper
Visy Pulp and Paper Tumut 20.0 MW Biomass Visy Pulp and Paper

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