Tisova power station Power Plant (Coal)

The Tisova power station plant is a Coal power plant located in ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฟ Czech Republic. Tisova power station has a peak capacity of 296.0 MW which is generated by Coal. The power plant was commissioned in 1960 and started energy production the same year. The current owner and operator of the Tisova power station facility is CEZ Group.

Generated Gigawatt Hours (2013-2019)

The data for generated gigawatt hours between 2013-2019 is incomplete.

Estimated Generated Gigawatt Hours (2013-2019)

Esitmated numbers might be available if no offical reccords has been released, or if they were added to the database before official numbers was recorded.

Other Coal Power Plants in Czech Republic

Name Capacity (MW Type Other Fuel Owner
Brno power station 72.0 MW Coal Teplarny Brno As
Chvaletice power station 820.0 MW Coal Severnรญ Energetickรก
Detmarovice power station 800.0 MW Coal CEZ Group
Hodonin power station 105.0 MW Coal CEZ Group
Kladno 404.0 MW Coal Alpiq Group
Komorany power station 210.0 MW Coal United Energy
Ledvice power station 640.0 MW Coal CEZ Group
Malesice power station 165.0 MW Coal Prazska Teplarenska AS
Melnik power station 960.0 MW Coal CEZ Group
Opatovice power station 360.0 MW Coal Elektrarny Opatovice AS
Plzenska Tepalrenska 137.0 MW Coal Biomass, Plzenska Teplarenska
Plzenska energetika ELU III 65.0 MW Coal Plzenska Energetika As
Pocerady power station 1000.0 MW Coal CEZ Group
Porici power station 165.0 MW Coal CEZ Group
Prunerov 750.0 MW Coal CEZ Group
Sko-Energo power station 70.0 MW Coal Sko-Energo Sro
Steti Mondi power station 144.0 MW Coal Mondi Steti AS
Trebovice power station 177.0 MW Coal Veolia Ceska Republika AS
Trmice 159.0 MW Coal CEZ Group
Tusimice power station 800.0 MW Coal CEZ Group
Zlin power station 64.0 MW Coal Alpiq Group

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