Power Plants in Colombia

Colombia has 25 utility-scale power plants in operation, with a total capacity of 10924.0 MW.

Name Capacity Type Other Fuel Commissioned Owner
Calderas 26.0 MW Hydro Isagen S.A.
Cantral La Tasajera 306.0 MW Hydro EPM
Cartagena 188.0 MW Oil ENDESA
Central Guadalupe III 270.0 MW Hydro EPM
Central Guatapรฉ 560.0 MW Hydro EPM
Chivor 1000.0 MW Hydro AES Chivor
El Paso 86.2 MW Solar
Gavio 1200.0 MW Hydro Emgesa
Gecelca power station 164.0 MW Coal 2016 Gecelca SAESP
Jaguas 170.0 MW Hydro Isagen S.A.
La Sierra 460.0 MW Gas EPM
Miel I 396.0 MW Hydro Isagen S.A.
Porce III 660.0 MW Hydro EPM
San Carlos 1246.0 MW Hydro Isagen S.A.
Sogamoso 820.0 MW Hydro Isagen S.A.
Termobarranquilla 918.0 MW Gas TEBSA
Termocentro 300.0 MW Gas Isagen S.A.
Termoflores 670.0 MW Gas Termoflores S.A.E.S.P
Termoguajira power station 330.0 MW Coal 1985 Gecelca SAESP
Termopaipa power station 346.0 MW Coal 1987 Empresa de Energรญa de Boyacรก
Termotasajero power station 323.0 MW Coal 2000 Termotasajero SAESP
Termovalle 205.0 MW Gas Termovalle S.A.
Termozipa Corral power station 230.0 MW Coal 1975 Emgesa SAESP
Troneras Central 40.0 MW Hydro EPM
Yumbo 9.8 MW Solar

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