Power Plants in Cuba

Cuba has 13 utility-scale power plants in operation, with a total capacity of 3496.8 MW.

Name Capacity Type Other Fuel Commissioned Owner
10 De Octubre (nuevitas) Powerplant 280.0 MW Oil Uniรณn Elรฉctrica
Antonio Guiteras Powerplant 330.0 MW Oil Uniรณn Elรฉctrica
Antonio Maceo (rente) Powerplant 450.0 MW Oil Uniรณn Elรฉctrica
Boca de Jaruco 238.0 MW Gas Uniรณn Elรฉctrica
Carlos De Cespedes Powerplant 382.0 MW Oil Uniรณn Elรฉctrica
Eg Punta Gorda Powerplant 174.6 MW Oil Grupo Electrogeno
Gibara 10.2 MW Wind Uniรณn Elรฉctrica
Havana TPP 500.0 MW Oil
Lidio Perez (felton) Powerplant 500.0 MW Oil Uniรณn Elรฉctrica
Mรกximo Gรณmez (Mariel) 450.0 MW Oil Uniรณn Elรฉctrica
Pinar del Rioย  4.0 MW Solar
Varadero Powerplant 173.0 MW Gas Uniรณn Elรฉctrica
Yaguaramas 5.0 MW Solar

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