Power Plants in Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic has 15 utility-scale power plants in operation, with a total capacity of 1858.1 MW.

Name Capacity Type Other Fuel Commissioned Owner
AES Andres 319.0 MW Gas AES Andres
Barahona power station 45.0 MW Coal 2001 EGE-Haina
Canoa 25.0 MW Solar
Guayubín 58.0 MW Solar
Haina TG 184.9 MW Oil EGE-Haina
Itabo power station 260.0 MW Coal 1986 EGE-Itabo
Jiguey 1 49.49 MW Hydro EGEHID
Los Cocos 2 52.0 MW Wind EGE-Haina
Metaldom 42.0 MW Oil EGE-Haina
Monte Plata 30.0 MW Solar
Monte Rio 100.1 MW Oil PVDC
Palomino 1 81.6 MW Hydro EGEHID
Quisqueya 2 430.0 MW Oil EGE-Haina
Sultana del Este 85.0 MW Oil EGE-Haina
Tavera 1 96.0 MW Hydro EGEHID

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