Power Plants in Ecuador

Ecuador has 21 utility-scale power plants in operation, with a total capacity of 4194.2 MW.

Name Capacity Type Other Fuel Commissioned Owner
Alao 10.0 MW Hydro E.E. Riobamba
Alvaro Tinajero 95.0 MW Gas Electrica de Guayaquil
Calope 18.0 MW Hydro Enermax
Catamayo 19.74 MW Oil Regional Sur
Central Termica Trinitaria 133.0 MW Oil 1994 Electroguayas
Coca Coda Sinclair 1500.0 MW Hydro 2010 Cocasinclair EP
Condor 30.0 MW Solar
Electroquil 181.0 MW Gas Electroquil
Esmeraldas 132.5 MW Oil Termoesmeraldas
Esmeraldas II 96.0 MW Oil 2014 CELEC EP
Gonzalo Zevallos 146.0 MW Gas 1978 Electroguayas
Gualberto Hernandez 34.32 MW Oil EEQ SA
Guangopolo 20.92 MW Hydro E.E. Quito
Manduriacu 65.0 MW Hydro 2015
Miraflores 52.3 MW Oil Gas, Termoesmeraldas
Paute 1100.0 MW Hydro CELEC EP
Saucay 24.0 MW Hydro Elecaustro
Saymirin 14.4 MW Hydro Elecaustro
Sibimbe 15.0 MW Hydro Hidrosibimbe
Solar Connection 20.0 MW Solar
Sopladora II 487.0 MW Hydro CELEC EP

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