Power Plants in Jordan

Jordan has 33 utility-scale power plants in operation, with a total capacity of 4703.5 MW.

Name Capacity Type Other Fuel Commissioned Owner
Al Ambaratouria 51.0 MW Solar
Al Badiya 10.0 MW Solar
Al Badiya 2 11.0 MW Solar
Al Qatrana CCGT Power Plant Jordan 373.0 MW Gas
Al Safawi 51.0 MW Solar
Amman East (AES Jordan) CCGT Power Plant Jordan 620.0 MW Gas
Aqaba Thermal Power Plant Jordan 650.0 MW Gas
Azraq 5.0 MW Solar
Hussein Thermal Power Plant Jordan 382.0 MW Oil
IPP3 ICE Power Plant Jordan 573.0 MW Gas
JUST 5.0 MW Solar
Jordan Solar One 20.0 MW Solar
Jordanian Royal Court 5.6 MW Solar
Kempinski 5.0 MW Solar
MaSP} Al Zanbaq 10.0 MW Solar
MaSP} EJRE 20.0 MW Solar
MaSP} Ennera 10.0 MW Solar
MaSP} Falcon 20.0 MW Solar
MaSP} GLAE 10.0 MW Solar
MaSP} Shams 52.5 MW Solar
MaSP} SunE 20.0 MW Solar
MaSP} Ward Al Joury 10.0 MW Solar
MaSP} Zahrat Al Salam 10.0 MW Solar
Mafraq I 50.0 MW Solar
Oryx Ma'an 10.4 MW Solar
Quweira 103.0 MW Solar
Rehab CCGT Power Plant Jordan 357.0 MW Gas
Risha OCGT Power Plant Jordan 150.0 MW Gas
Samra CCGT Power Plant Jordan 1031.0 MW Gas
Shamsuna 10.1 MW Solar
Sul 5.0 MW Solar
Sunrise 50.0 MW Solar
Zaatari 12.9 MW Solar

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Data Sources

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