Power Plants in Mauritius

Mauritius has 23 utility-scale power plants in operation, with a total capacity of 989.3 MW.

Name Capacity Type Other Fuel Commissioned Owner
Bambous 15.0 MW Solar Sarako Energy
Beau Champ 14.2 MW Solar
Belle Vue power station 70.0 MW Coal 2000 Comp Therm Belle Vue (Ctvb)
Champagne Mauritius 30.0 MW Hydro
Ctds power station 35.0 MW Coal 2005 Compagnie Thermique Sud (Ctds)
Deep River 24.65 MW Biomass
Ferney 10.0 MW Hydro
Fort George 137.424 MW Oil
Fort Victoria 50.38 MW Oil
Fort William Ceb 150.0 MW Oil
Fuel 39.7 MW Biomass
Henrietta MU 25.6 MW Solar
Medine Mill 13.0 MW Biomass
Mon Loisir 12.0 MW Biomass
Mon Tresor 12.5 MW Biomass
Nicolay 84.64 MW Oil
Plaine des Roches 15.0 MW Solar
Queen Victoria 13.8 MW Solar
Savannah Estate Sidec power station 105.0 MW Coal 2007 Compagnie Thermique Savannah
Solitude 28.3 MW Solar
St Louis 76.992 MW Oil
Tamarin Falls 11.383 MW Hydro
Union St Aubin 14.7 MW Coal

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