Power Plants in North Korea

North Korea has 30 utility-scale power plants in operation, with a total capacity of 8808.0 MW.

Name Capacity Type Other Fuel Commissioned Owner
Anju Youth 10.0 MW Hydro
Chongjin Chemical Fiber 6.0 MW Coal
Chongjin City power station 450.0 MW Coal 1987 Ministry of Electric Power
December (Nampo) power station 200.0 MW Coal 1996 Ministry of Electric Power
December 12th Power plant 100.0 MW Coal
East Pyongyang power station 500.0 MW Coal 2006 Ministry of Electric Power
Haeju Cement 200.0 MW Coal
Hamhung 500.0 MW Coal
Hongnam Fertilizer 18.0 MW Coal
Huichon 300.0 MW Hydro
Kangge Youth 225.0 MW Hydro
Naejungri 12.0 MW Hydro
Pochon 400.0 MW Hydro
Pukchang power station 1600.0 MW Coal 1976 Pukchang Thermal Plant Complex
Pyongyang power station 400.0 MW Coal 1965 Pyongyang Power Plant
Rajin 400.0 MW Coal
River Changja 81.0 MW Hydro
River Changjin 346.7 MW Hydro
River Chongchon 200.0 MW Coal
River Pujon 202.3 MW Hydro
River Taedong 20.0 MW Hydro
Sariwon 200.0 MW Coal
Sunchon power station 400.0 MW Coal 1984 Sunchon Power Plant
Supung 700.0 MW Hydro 1956
T'aep'yongman 190.0 MW Hydro 1986
The 5th Puryong 36.0 MW Hydro
The Feburary 8th Vinylon 29.0 MW Coal
The June 16thย Power Plant 200.0 MW Coal 1975
The March 17thย  Power Plant 482.0 MW Hydro
Unbong 400.0 MW Hydro 1960

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Data Sources

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