Power Plants in Romania

Romania has 68 utility-scale power plants in operation, with a total capacity of 14646.9 MW.

Name Capacity Type Other Fuel Commissioned Owner
AriceลŸtii 27.0 MW Solar
Balcesti 5.5 MW Solar
Berceni A 5.0 MW Solar
Berceni I 10.0 MW Solar
Berceni II 9.0 MW Solar
BucลŸani 18.5 MW Solar
Butimanu 7.1 MW Solar
Caracal 7.0 MW Solar
Cluj N 5.0 MW Solar
Cluj S 6.0 MW Solar
Colibaศ™i 6.5 MW Solar
Colibaศ™i II 5.0 MW Solar
Coศ™ereni A 5.0 MW Solar
Deta A 6.0 MW Solar
Doba 5.9 MW Solar
Fierbinti 10.0 MW Solar
Fundulea 7.4 MW Solar
HPP Galceag 149.0 MW Hydro
HPP Lotru 509.0 MW Hydro
HPP Mariselu 219.0 MW Hydro
HPP Portile de Fier I 1161.0 MW Hydro 1972
HPP Portile de Fier II 245.0 MW Hydro
HPP Raul Mare 335.0 MW Hydro 1986
HPP Ruieni 138.0 MW Hydro
HPP Stejaru 208.0 MW Hydro
HPP Sugag 149.0 MW Hydro
HPP Vidraru 219.0 MW Hydro
Iasi-2 power station 60.0 MW Coal 1986 SC CET IaลŸi SA
Isaccea 8.8 MW Solar
Isalnita power station 630.0 MW Coal 1988 SC Complexul Energetic Craiova
Lechinศ›a 5.1 MW Solar
Lehliu 4.3 MW Solar
Lehliu 2 10.0 MW Solar
Maxineni 5.5 MW Solar
Mintia-Deva power station 1075.0 MW Coal 1976 SC Complex Energetic Hunedoara
NPP Cernavoda 1298.0 MW Nuclear
Paroseni power station 150.0 MW Coal 1964 SC Complex Energetic Hunedoara
Ploiesti 9.0 MW Solar
Podari 10.0 MW Solar
PฤƒuleลŸti 8.0 MW Solar
Rovinari power station 1320.0 MW Coal 1977 CE Oltenia Complexul Energetic
Sebiศ™ 15.0 MW Solar
Sibiului 25.0 MW Solar
Slobozia 45.0 MW Solar
Solaris 56.0 MW Solar
Stanesti 5.5 MW Solar
Sฤƒlbatica I 70.0 MW Wind 2011 ENEL GreenPower
TPP Braila 413.0 MW Gas
TPP Brazi 220.0 MW Gas 2007
TPP Bucuresti Sud 280.0 MW Gas
TPP Bucuresti Vest 298.0 MW Gas
TPP CCCC Petrom Brazi 860.0 MW Gas 2012
TPP Craiova 262.0 MW Coal 1988
TPP Drobeta 313.0 MW Coal
TPP Galati 346.0 MW Gas
TPP Govora 177.0 MW Coal
TPP Iernut 751.0 MW Gas
TPP Oradea 170.0 MW Coal
TPP Progresu 184.0 MW Gas
Turceni power station 1650.0 MW Coal 1983 Complexul Energetic Oltenia SA
Tรขrgu CฤƒrbuneลŸti 14.0 MW Solar
Ucea de Sus 55.0 MW Solar
Ucea de Sus E 6.0 MW Solar
Urziceni 22.6 MW Solar
Valea Nucarilor 70.0 MW Wind 2011 ENEL GreenPower
Vieru 7.2 MW Solar
WPP Cogealac 246.0 MW Wind
ลžimnicu de Sus 14.0 MW Solar

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Data Sources

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