Global Solar Power Plants

There are currenly 10,550 Solar power plants across the globe with a total capacity of 186242.0 MW.

Name Capacity (MW) Type Other Fuel Commissioned Owner
Kandahar DOG 10.0 MW Solar
Kandahar JOL 10.0 MW Solar
Adrar 20.0 MW Solar
Ain Azel 20.0 MW Solar
Ain Sekhouna 20.0 MW Solar
Ain el Ibel I 20.0 MW Solar
Ain el Ibel II 53.0 MW Solar
Ain el Melh 20.0 MW Solar
Algerie Sud-Ouest 43.5 MW Solar
Aoulef 5.0 MW Solar
Bir Rebaa 10.0 MW Solar
Chelghoum El Aïd 15.0 MW Solar
El Kheneg 60.0 MW Solar
HPC Ouargla 30.0 MW Solar
Hassi R'mel ISCC 20.0 MW Solar
Hauts Plateaux Centre 106.6 MW Solar
Hauts Plateaux Est 73.8 MW Solar
In Salah 5.0 MW Solar
Labiodh Sidi Cheikh 20.0 MW Solar
Naâma 19.9 MW Solar
Oued El Kebrit 15.0 MW Solar
Oued el Ma 20.0 MW Solar
Ras el Oued 20.0 MW Solar
Reggane 5.0 MW Solar
Tamanrasset 13.0 MW Solar
Timimoun 9.0 MW Solar
Tindouf 9.0 MW Solar
Télagh 12.0 MW Solar
Zaouiet Kounta 6.0 MW Solar
Caldenes del Oeste 30.0 MW Solar
Cauchari 300.0 MW Solar
Iglesia-Guañizuil 80.0 MW Solar
Saujil 22.5 MW Solar
Adelaide Showgrounds 1.0 MW Solar Adelaide Showgrounds
Bannerton Solar Farm 88.0 MW Solar Foresight Solar Australia
Barcaldine KDB 20.0 MW Solar
Barcaldine YD 10.9 MW Solar
Beryl AU 87.0 MW Solar
Brisbane BNE 6.0 MW Solar
Broken Hill Solar Plant 53.0 MW Solar AGL Energy
Bungala I 110.0 MW Solar
Bungala II 110.0 MW Solar
CSIRO Energy Centre 1.5 MW Solar CSIRO
Childers 75.0 MW Solar
Clare Solar Farm 130.0 MW Solar FRV-Fotowatio Renewable Ventures
Clermont Solar Farm 100.0 MW Solar
Collinsville Solar Farm 42.0 MW Solar RATCH Australia Corporation Limited
Darling Downs Solar Farm 110.0 MW Solar APA Group
Darwin DRW 4.0 MW Solar
Daydream Solar Farm 50.0 MW Solar Edify Energy
DeGrussa 10.6 MW Solar
Dubbo 30.0 MW Solar
Emerald Solar Farm 68.0 MW Solar Lighthouse Solar Fund
Emu Downs 20.0 MW Solar
Gannawarra Solar Farm 60.0 MW Solar Wirsol Edify Energy
Goondiwindi 4.5 MW Solar
Greenough River Solar Farm 10.0 MW Solar Verve Energy/GE Energy Financial Services JV
Griffith Solar Farm 36.0 MW Solar Neoen
Gullen 10.0 MW Solar
Hamilton Solar Farm 69.0 MW Solar Edify Energy
Haughton River Solar Farm 500.0 MW Solar SPIC
Hayman Solar Farm 180.0 MW Solar Edify Energy Blackrock
Hughendon 20.0 MW Solar
Karadoc Solar Farm 112.0 MW Solar BayWa
Kidston I 50.0 MW Solar
Lake Cargelligo CSP 3.0 MW Solar
Lakeland QLD 10.9 MW Solar
Liddell Solar Thermal 9.3 MW Solar Macquarie Generation
Lilyvale Solar Farm 100.0 MW Solar FRV Fotowatio Renewable Ventures
Manildra Solar Farm 46.0 MW Solar First Solar Australia
Moree 60.0 MW Solar FRV-Fotowatio Renewable Ventures
Mugga Lane Solar Park 13.0 MW Solar Maoneng Australia
Narromine 15.0 MW Solar
Normanton 4.5 MW Solar
Northam 10.0 MW Solar
Numurkah Solar Farm 100.0 MW Solar Neoen
Nyngan Solar Plant 102.0 MW Solar AGL Energy
Oakey 1 25.0 MW Solar
Oakey 2 55.0 MW Solar
Parkes Solar Farm 66.0 MW Solar NEOEN
Perth Zoo 2.37 MW Solar Perth Zoo
Peterborough SA 4.9 MW Solar
Rollingstone QLD 125.0 MW Solar
Ross River 148.0 MW Solar
Royalla Solar Farm 20.0 MW Solar Abdul Latif Jameel Energy and Environment Services
Rugby Run Solar Farm 65.0 MW Solar Adani Renewables
Summerhill 5.0 MW Solar
Sun Metals Solar Farm 124.0 MW Solar Sun Metals Corporation PTY
Sunraysia 200.0 MW Solar
Susan River 98.0 MW Solar
Swan Hill 19.0 MW Solar
Tailem Bend Solar Farm 95.0 MW Solar Vena Energy
University of Queensland (St Lucia Campus) Solar Array 1.2 MW Solar University of Queensland
Uterne Solar 1.0 MW Solar Epuron
Valdora 15.0 MW Solar
Wemen Solar Farm 110.0 MW Solar CEFC
White Rock 20.0 MW Solar
Whitsunday Solar Farm 69.0 MW Solar Edify Energy

How much electricity is generated from solar farms each year?

According to the latest data from the International Energy Agency (IEA), the global electricity generation from solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, which include solar farms, was approximately 770 terawatt-hours (TWh) in 2020. This represents an increase of 23% compared to 2019 and is equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of more than 70 million average households in the United States.

What country is the largest producer of solar power?

China is the largest producer of solar power in the world, both in terms of solar panel production and installed solar capacity.

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), China accounted for more than 40% of global solar panel production in 2020, and it has consistently ranked as the world's largest producer of solar panels for several years. China also had the largest installed solar capacity of any country in 2020, with a total of 253 gigawatts (GW), or more than 40% of the global total. Other countries with significant installed solar capacity include the United States, Japan, Germany, and India.

What materials are used to make solar panels?

Most solar panels are made using silicon, which is a common and widely available material. Silicon is a semiconductor, which means that it can conduct electricity under certain conditions. To make a solar panel, thin wafers of silicon are cut from a large ingot of the material and then coated with a layer of phosphorus to create a negative charge. Another layer of boron is added to create a positive charge. When sunlight strikes the panel, it knocks electrons free in the silicon, creating a flow of electricity.

In addition to silicon, some solar panels are also made using thin-film materials such as cadmium telluride (CdTe), copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS), or amorphous silicon. Thin-film panels are less efficient than traditional silicon panels, but they can be less expensive to produce and can be more flexible, making them easier to install in certain applications.

Other materials used in the construction of solar panels include aluminum for the frame, glass for the protective cover, and various metals and chemicals for the electrical contacts and wiring.

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