Power Plants in Tajikistan

Tajikistan has 10 utility-scale power plants in operation, with a total capacity of 5296.4 MW.

Name Capacity Type Other Fuel Commissioned Owner
Baipaza 600.0 MW Hydro Barki Tojik
Dushanbe 430.0 MW Oil Coal, Barki Tojik
Golovnaya 210.0 MW Hydro Barki Tojik
Kairakkum 126.0 MW Hydro Barki Tojik
Khorog 10.0 MW Hydro Pamir Energy (PPP set up by AKFED and IFC)
Nurek 3015.0 MW Hydro 1972 Barki Tojik
Sangtuda 1 700.0 MW Hydro 2009 IPP
Varzob 1 11.0 MW Hydro Barki Tojik
Varzob 2 14.4 MW Hydro Barki Tojik
Yavan 180.0 MW Oil 1969 Barki Tojik

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