Power Plants in Ukraine

Ukraine has 64 utility-scale power plants in operation, with a total capacity of 48569.8 MW.

Name Capacity Type Other Fuel Commissioned Owner
Bolgrad 34.1 MW Solar
Burshtyn power station 2334.0 MW Coal 1979 DTEK
Cherkasy power station 180.0 MW Coal 1966 JSC Cherkasy CHP
Cherniatka 7.7 MW Solar
Chernihiv power station 200.0 MW Coal 1968 Kyivenergo
Darnytska power station 150.0 MW Coal 1965 JSC Darnytska TETS
Dneipro HPP 2 1538.0 MW Hydro Dnipro-SHEM PJSC
Dniester 702.0 MW Hydro Dnipro-SHEM PJSC
Dniester (pumped storage) 648.0 MW Hydro Dnipro-SHEM PJSC
Dniprodzerzhynsk 357.0 MW Hydro Dnipro-SHEM PJSC
Dobrotvir power station 500.0 MW Coal 1962 DTEK
Dunayskaya 43.2 MW Solar
Gnatkiv 5.0 MW Solar
Kakhovka 343.0 MW Hydro Dnipro-SHEM PJSC
Kalush power station 240.0 MW Coal 1968 DTEK Zakhidenergo
Kaniv 528.0 MW Hydro Dnipro-SHEM PJSC
Karkov CHP-5 540.0 MW Gas Naftogaz Ukrainy
Khmelnytska 2000.0 MW Nuclear Energoatom
Kiev 440.0 MW Hydro Dnipro-SHEM PJSC
Kiev (pumped storage) 235.0 MW Hydro Dnipro-SHEM PJSC
Kiev CHP-5 1200.0 MW Gas Kyivenergo
Kramatorskaya power station 120.0 MW Coal 1974 JSC Kramatorskteploenergo
Kremenchug 625.0 MW Hydro Dnipro-SHEM PJSC
Kryvorizka power station 1764.0 MW Coal 1967 DTEK
Kurakhov power station 1517.0 MW Coal 1973 DTEK
Ladyzhyn power station 1800.0 MW Coal 1971 DTEK
Lazurne 9.5 MW Solar
Limanskaya 43.4 MW Solar
Luhanska 1210.0 MW Coal 1965 DTEK
Mironovskaya 815.0 MW Coal Donbascenergo
Mityaevo 31.6 MW Solar
Nikolayevka 69.8 MW Solar
Nikopol 10.7 MW Solar
Ohotnikovo 76.0 MW Solar
Perovo 86.6 MW Solar
Perovo I 20.0 MW Solar
Perovo II 20.0 MW Solar
Perovo III 20.0 MW Solar
Perovo IV 20.0 MW Solar
Perovo V 25.6 MW Solar
Porogi 4.5 MW Solar
Priozernaya 54.8 MW Solar
Prydniprovska power station 1195.0 MW Coal 1963 DTEK
Rivne (Rouno) 2835.0 MW Nuclear Energoatom
Rodnikovoye 7.6 MW Solar
Sambyrska II 7.0 MW Solar
Shargorod 8.0 MW Solar
Sievierodonetsk CHP power station 210.0 MW Coal 1973 JSC Severodonetsk CHP
Slavyansk power station 600.0 MW Coal 1968 Donbascenergo
South Ukraine 3000.0 MW Nuclear Energoatom
Starobeshivska 1775.0 MW Coal Donbascenergo
Starokozache 43.0 MW Solar
Stravchany 4.9 MW Solar
Tashlyk 313.0 MW Hydro Dnipro-SHEM PJSC
Trypilska 1800.0 MW Coal 1970 Centrenergo
Vesele 16.0 MW Solar
Vita 13.5 MW Solar
Voznesenk 29.3 MW Solar
Vuglegirska power station 3600.0 MW Coal 1973 Centrenergo
Vysokopillya 4.0 MW Solar
Zaporizhia power station 2825.0 MW Coal 1972 DTEK
Zaporozhye 6000.0 MW Nuclear Energoatom
Zmiivska power station 2425.0 MW Coal 1965 Centrenergo
Zuevskaya power station 1290.0 MW Coal 1985 DTEK

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