Power Plants in United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates has 30 utility-scale power plants in operation, with a total capacity of 30327.0 MW.

Name Capacity Type Other Fuel Commissioned Owner
APC UAN 2430.0 MW Gas Oil, 2003 Arabian power Company ADWEA IPR TEPCO and Mitsui
Ajman 116.0 MW Gas Oil, 1980 FEWA
Al Mirfa Power Company 551.0 MW Gas Oil, 1998 ADWEA
Aweer "H" - Ph l 607.0 MW Gas Oil, 1998 DEWA
Aweer "H" - Ph lll 818.0 MW Gas Oil, 2008 DEWA
ESWPC (Fuj F1) 861.0 MW Gas Oil, 2004 Emirates SembCorp Water & Power Company ADWEA & SembCorp Gulf Holding Co Ltd
FAPCO (Fuj F2) 2114.0 MW Gas Oil, 2011 Fujairah Asia Power Company ADWEA &Fujairah F2 CV
Hamriyah Power Station (HPS) 504.0 MW Gas Oil, 2006 SEWA
Jebel Ali "D" 1027.0 MW Gas Oil, 1979 DEWA
Jebel Ali "E" 616.0 MW Gas Oil, 1989 DEWA
Jebel Ali "G" 818.0 MW Gas Oil, 1993 DEWA
Jebel Ali "K" 918.0 MW Gas Oil, 2002 DEWA
Jebel Ali "L" - Ph I 969.0 MW Gas Oil, 2005 DEWA
Jebel Ali "L" - Ph ll 1393.0 MW Gas Oil, 2007 DEWA
Jebel Ali "M" 2060.0 MW Gas Oil, 2010 DEWA
Khorfakkan Station (KHPS) 144.0 MW Gas Oil, 1987 SEWA
Layyah Power Station (LPS) 911.0 MW Gas Oil, 1977 SEWA
MBRSP} II 220.0 MW Solar
MBRSP} IIIA 200.0 MW Solar
MBRSP} IIIB 300.0 MW Solar
Masdar City PV plant 10.0 MW Solar 2013 Masdar
New Mirfah (MIPCO) 1728.0 MW Gas Oil, 2016 ADWEA
Shams 100.0 MW Solar 2013 Masdar (60%) Abengoa Solar (20%) Total SA (20%)
Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park Phase 1 10.0 MW Solar 2013 DEWA
Shuweihat S1 4889.0 MW Gas Oil, 2005 Shuweihat CMS International Power Company
TAPCO 2200.0 MW Gas Oil, 2005 ADWEA TAQA & CMS Generation Taweelah Limited
Taweelah A1 1671.0 MW Gas Oil, 2000 Gulf Total Tractebel Power Company ADWEA
Taweelah A2 760.0 MW Gas Oil, 2001 Emirates CMS Power Company
Wasit Power Station (WPS) 1182.0 MW Gas Oil, 1998 SEWA
zawra 200.0 MW Gas Oil, 1980 FEWA

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